Story Of My Life

Hey, I'm Halle. 20. NJ. College Student.

I don’t even want you anymore and I’m sad that you don’t want me. It makes no sense.. You’re so toxic but really, you’re nothing to be threatened by. I know who you really are.. I’ve always known. You’re the same dorky kid I met years ago just a little bigger & hiding behind some facial hair. So what is it about you that I hold on to? I guess I just don’t like failing. But you made me feel like failure wasn’t so bad.

sometimes i just don’t know..

I brag about you..I love you.. I make time for you. When you say you feel like I’m not making enough time for you.. I make more. I know you feel like a lot of times you’re just the one missing me.. I get that vibe from you, like you feel like you’re in this alone. You’re on the shitty side..? But you never think about how it feels for me. I’m sitting here in a room with a stranger in a foreign environment… I feel more alone than ever. No, I’d never let that on to anyone.. I’d never let it show through. But I feel it. And you’re the only thing that makes me feel connected. And when I feel like you don’t want to talk to me or talk things out when we bicker.. then I feel even more alone.. I can’t deal with being ignored.. or fighting over the same things over and over. My heart and mind have zero tolerance for those things.. i physically and emotionally get shut down.. I don’t want the person I love to ever make me feel shut down like that…

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